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Our services

Idraulica cortonese -  Irrigation systems Idraulica Cortonese supplies a number of various systems:

-bathroom plumbing systems

-air conditioning systems

-heating systems

-irrigation systems

-bio-technological systems

Our strict standards and rules include:
- Personnel well prepared for the type of work requested.
-Top quality materials which meet the standards for security and reliability necessary to obtain a “CE”(European Community) mark.
-Attention to both technical and aesthetic aspects of the work undertaken, in harmony with the individual desires of our clients.
-Contruction of all systems in accord with current norms and laws of the building code with particular attention to certification in conformity with law 49/1990.

Bathroom SystemsThe bathroom plumbing system is one of the most important in the home. This system includes:
-The installation of hot and cold water pipes, for which Idraulica Cortonese utilizes multistrata pipes, the ideal material for the transport of water.
- The construction of waste disposal systems. For this type of system Idraulica Cortonese uses state of the art soundproof pipes.
All systems created by Idraulica Cortonese are in accord with security and reliability norms to insure EC approval.


Idraulica Cortonese furnishes the following climate control systems:
-Air conditioning systems
-Combined air conditioning and heating systems.
These two systems can be constructed using the
“SPLIT WALL” METHOD or CEILING METHOD, which is particularly well suited to small to medium sized environments both for cooling and heating. This method is typically used for apartments and single family homes.

Climate Control Systems
Climate Control Systems
Climate Control Systems

I s usually the prefered system for larger environments (office space, large residential structures).
Both systems can be activated with a remote control or a wall switch, and have the added advantage of being aesthetically pleasing. Our company is continually searching for the newest, most attractive and technologically up to date products on the market. All products must meet our highest standard of security and reliability, and therefore conform to EC standards.


Heating Systems Heating systems can be subdivided into three elements:
-A system for the production of heat such as either a wall or floor boiler. Idraulica Cortonese uses the best products available in order to guarantee the most efficient production of heat.
-A system for the distribution of heat. This would refer to the system of hot water pipes. We use multistrata metal pipes which are high temperature and dispersion resistant.
-A system for heat use, that is, radiators. These may be in alluminum, cast iron or steel the choice of which is based on the most efficient return of heat for the environment in question. Towel-rack radiators, which add a special decorative touch are also available.
We also offer the installation of under-pavement or in-wall heating systems, which are used in the United States and in Northern Europe but are relatively new to Italy.
Idraulica Cortonese strives to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing heating systems using the most innovative materials as well as the most up to date technology. Again, all our systems conform to EC standards.

Irrigation Systems The fundamental objective of any irrigation system is to furnish an adequate supply of water to the soil where there is a loss of moisture due to evaporation or run-off. Irrigation can be produced in various ways, but certainly the most desirable systems immitate rainfall.
With this objective in mind, Idraulica Cortonese offers various solutions including “drip” and “spray” systems, both of which can be activated manually or through a computerized panel.
Our company has had years of experience in the installation of irrigation systems and can guarantee their efficiency and and reliability over time. All products used meet the EC standards for security and reliability.

In recent years, in Italy and other countries interested in safeguarding the natural environment, bio-technological systems exploiting solar energy have been developed. These new floor or wall systems can heat or cool interiors using either a condensation boiler or solar panels. As an alternative energy source, solar energy is not only economical but also and essentially ecologically sound.
As an added benefit, these systems allow for an absolute freedom for the interior architecture of the home. You can achieve the habitat of your dreams without any restrictions to the arrangement of furnishings or loss of precious space and use any type of pavement without problems.

Bio-Technological Systems
Bio-Technological Systems

Idraulica Cortonese utilizes state of the art materials for optimum results. All products used are in conformity with EC standards.


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