Idraulica Cortonese

Plumbing and hydro-sanitary installations

Idraulica Cortonese builds plumbing and hydro-sanitary systems in public and private sectors. Your home’s plumbing is the most important system in the house. We take care of all aspects, including:

  • the installation of piping to bring hot and cold water into a home or building, with water coming from either an aqueduct or a well. To this end, Idraulica Cortonese plumbers use multilayer and Rehau type piping, which are superb for water adduction.

  • the building of drainage systems. The plumbers of Idraulica Cortonese use soundproof piping to ensure maximum functionality and minimum disturbance.

  • both traditional and latest-generation installations

Idraulica Cortonese plumbing company works with both civil and industrial customers. We offer personalized service and peace of mind, through our licenses and certifications. We cover all kinds of plumbing jobs, from implementation to maintenance. We build new plumbing systems, maintain existing ones, provide assistance and repairs in case of failures, and improve existing systems in case of pressure problems or other malfunctions.

Our plumbing services range from traditional systems, where hot water production is produced by a boiler, as well as systems connected to renewable sources (such as solar panels), using recuperators attached to the condensation circuits of water-based heat pumps.

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