Idraulica Cortonese


Restoring your dream home

We often work with people who buy old homes in Tuscany, which then need restoring. Sometimes the restoration is limited and only has to do with stonework and masonry. Often, though, renovations have to be carried out at the plumbing and electrical level, in addition to adding furnishings.

This kind of work needs to be done so that the look and charm of the old environment is preserved as much as possible while also relying on the most up-to-date solutions. For successful results, Idraulica Cortonese teams up with renowned architects and designers whose goals are to satisfy their clients 100%.

Ad-hoc services for foreigners

Idraulica Cortonese develops specific plumbing, heating, cooling, irrigation, and bio-technological systems for old homes needing restoration. Our company collaborates with electricians, carpenters, masons, blacksmiths, interior designers, and swimming pool specialists for a complete restoration service.

Foreigners who are worried about buying a home in a country whose language they do not know, or people who are concerned that they will not be able to follow the work in person, do not have to worry. We will meet all your needs quickly and correctly, providing you with detailed accounts and documentation of the various stages of work.

I nostri servizi

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