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The Story of Our Company

Idraulica Cortonese s.r.l. had its beginnings in 2003, but the company’s long story really began at the end of the ‘80’s when Adamo Cosci (known as Claudio) began to take his first steps in the plumbing business as an aprentice in a small local company. The interest in plumbing rubbed off on Claudio’s younger brother Danilo, who had the opportunity to take over for Claudio during the latter’s military service.

The love of this craft and the desire to emerge as an independent company induced the two brothers to found their first company in 1990, the Idraulica Cortonese of Adamo and Danilo Cosci. With an old van and some basic tools, supplimented by an adventurous spirit the Cosci brothers took their first steps and the company has continued to grow ever since. Today Idraulica Cortonese employs 15 individuals and uses the best equipment and most advanced materials available on the market. The optimum results obtained over the years have permitted the addition of a third partner, Giuseppe, Claudio’s son. The desire to carry on what has become a family tradition is evident in the participation of Stefano, Danilo’s son, who will join the company after having finished his studies.

The Cosci brothers began with small jobs, installing bathroom fixtures and boilers and eventually moving up to offer a more complex and complete plumbing service.
Today Idraulico Cortonese is able to offer a large variety of services installing not only any type of bathroom plumbing systems, heating or air conditioning systems, but also irrigation systems and plumbing systems for a variety of needs. Systems can be constructed using traditional methods as well as with ecological technology which respects the natural environment.

Idraulica cortonese - Giuseppe Cosci
Idraulica cortonese - Giuseppe Cosci
Idraulica cortonese - Giuseppe Cosci

Our company is capable of realizing your every plumbing idea or need and our staff is always ready to lend assistence. Our motto is:


(Immediate intervention, as fast as the wind)



Idraulica Cortonese di Cosci
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